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Dress your home beautifully with Neowin Collection, household furnishings, curtain and accessories for every room in the house, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, sitting room, living room, upstairs and downstairs.

There are now more options than ever before in window treatment. Making the right choice of curtains to suit your windows and the rest of the room can be very important. The right decision can give pleasure for many years. A mistake can be expensive and difficult to correct.

Neowin Collection can help you make the right choice. Using neowin collection tapes, hooks and accessories will enable you to achieve the style that is perfect for your window.

Windows are such an essential part of a room that, ironically, they are often ignored. But all windows are functional and that combined with the enormous range of fabrics and possible window treatments offers a decorative opportunity that’s not to be missed. Neowin Collection suggests the best possible solution for your windows with ideas ranging from lacy sheers and shutters through Venetian and Roman blinds to stunning but simple draperies.

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