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Ling Carpets has built a reputation as one of the best when it comes to finding carpets for home or office carpets in Singapore. We have been around since 1990 and established the business with a vision to serve the needs of Singapore’s growing interior design industry and market. The response has been overwhelming (to say the least) and our staff is more than delighted to be able to help people select cheap carpets that will give their home a modern edge. When it comes to home carpets, there are so many different products to choose from. That is why our staff can offer advice on the type of home carpets and rugs that will best suit your needs and requirements.

Apart from offering carpets, Ling Carpets also specialises in helping clients find related products, such as office carpet tiles, that are both functional and modern at the same time. All carpet tile purchases come with our complementary office carpet supply and install service.

Over the years, we have helped (literally) hundreds of businesses across Singapore give their office an edge by helping them to achieve a modern yet contemporary look that is welcoming to clients. When it comes to carpets, we know longevity is just as important as attractiveness and beauty of the rug itself and we will offer advice on products that are best suited to different commercial properties (such as offices and storefronts).

Additionally, we can even offer advice on what colours work well together.

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Singapore 419701
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