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ST Protection Program

For a Safer & Smoother Renovation Experience.
About STPP

We are here to protect your hard-earned investment - by covering you for any Renovation done with our Recommended IDs.

This Programme protects your Hard-Earned Investment made for any Renovation/Refurbishment Works done with our Partnering Interior Professionals: covering you 50% (capped at SGD$50,000) of your Contract Value or Deposit placed - whichever amount is lower.

How it Works
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Applicable for Contracts signed after 1st August 2017, the ST Protection Program only insures referrals made by ST Homes Singapore. Homeowners who approach the IDs themselves will not be covered.

For a list of our STPP accredited Interior Renovation Firms look out for "STPP-Approved" Icon

Steps To Take Before Making A Claim

We recommend homeowners to personally resolve the issue with the corresponding ID Firm's Management, by raising a complaint notice. In most cases, they’ll reassign you with a new person-in-charge to take over your project as settlement for the disagreement.

However, if you’re unable to come to a resolution or should the correspondent ID Firm remain uncontactable — now’s the time to take a look at the STPP’s Terms & Conditions to see if your case is insured.

For qualified cases, do gather as much evidence(e.g. conversations, written agreements, emails etc.) + Personal Particulars of both yourself & the correspondent ID Firm to submit with your Claim.

Assessment can take up as long as 2-4 Weeks from the date of submission —to be subjected to our STPP Team’s review. All status updates on the case will be notified to you via Email/SMS.

How to Submit

Simply submit your completed STPP Claim Form with the Subject "STPP Claim" and other relevant documents attached to — within 8 Days of the date of Invoice.

For more information, you may reach us at the email above or refer to STPP’s Terms & Conditions.

  • All Claims will be subjected to the Terms & Conditions of ST Homes Singapore
  • All FAQs mentioned here is still subjected to comply with STPP’s Terms & Conditions— which overrules all FAQs stated.
  • Any claims submitted after 8 Days from the date of Invoice will not be entertained.
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